Class 02 of Thinking with God on the resurrection life. About an hour session with time to engage with the class. With stammering lips may you be Transformed to His way today and live in resurrection life!

a 20 min message on the issue of prayer as we look to the examples of Job and the prophets. Prayer makes it to God when there is a faith expectation. With stammering lips may your prayers be Transformed to His way today as you witness them prosper.

A foundational study of the law in light of the truth of God's grace. Guest speaker: Pastor Brent Hillenga from Greater Grace World Outreach. listen in as we with stammering lips lead you to be Transformed to His way today as you live in the liberty and Grace of God!

A brief survey of scripture addressing the question: "Who is God?". raw audio with many dead spots, just sharing this time with those that could not make it in person.

February 22, 2021

A Lively Hope

It is phenomenal to unpack the hope that is in Christ. It is the answer for our life; our situational, temporal life is saved by an eternal salvation, an everlasting inheritance and is given by a merciful ever-loving God! Enjoy the study as with stammering lips shares what it is to be Transformed to His way by a living hope.

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